Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Titanic Dress

On April 14th ninety five years ago, the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg at approximately 11:40 pm. I thought on this annivesary of that tragic event it would be fitting to talk about the upcoming Titanic dinner I'll be attending. In case you didn't know or remember, hubby and I purchased a Titanic Dinner auction package with four other couples. We were each assigned a character. Here's mine:

Martha LeDouce Harder, First Class Passenger
Traveling with 8 servants, 16 trunks, one 9 foot container

You, my dear young lady, are so fortunate to be spending your honeymoon on such an amazing ship with a suave and debonair man! You have never been to America, but you have mastered the language in a very short time. Your whirlwind romance has High Society agog!

I can't write the middle part because it plays a factor in the mystery we'll be solving. Needless to say I have lots and lots of money. We're talking millions, but all is not what it seems with the happy bride. Okay, back to the character description:

The dress for the evening is formal with the ankle length, fitted style dress that you have made so fashionable all over Europe. We have no doubt that you are in for the journey of a lifetime!

So that's me. Pretty cool, huh? I will be taking lots and lots of pictures that night. I cannot wait!

What I need to do now, however, is find a dress to wear that night. I found the following dressed on ebay. I can have them expressed shipped so they arrive in time, but I have to decide right away.

This is the first one I found. It's Nataya's new Titanic style. This cocoa colored dress has pale mauve embroidered accents on it. The seller told me some of her customers don't like the contrast so she wanted to make me aware of it. This new style has the tulle and ruffle look on the bottom. It also comes in Ivory and Black/Silver.

Here is the same dress as above, but in the black and silver color. It has a light silver grey underdress with a Black mesh fabric overdress that has Silver/grey embroidery on it.

This is a Titanic-Era reproduction dress from Nataya! The color of dress is a Black and Silver-Grey combination.

This is a periwinkle blue dress that isn't part of the Titanic collection but by the same designer and has a similar style.

So please tell me what you think about the dresses? Which one do you think I should buy?


Tori Lennox said...

I think I like the second one best.

And I think the mystery dinner sounds like such fun!

Marianne Arkins said...

I like the first one the best... but they're all lovely. It sounds like you're going to have a blast!! You will post all the deets afterward, right?

Brandy said...

I like th 2nd and 3rd ones. But, I tend toward black anyway! They are absolutely gorgeous. I love these types of clothes. Have you seen the Victorian Trading Company reproductions? I love a gray dress they have I'm trying to get the nerve up to buy.
Happy Dress Hunting and good luck!

Jean said...

I like the second one best, followed by the third, and then the first.

Michelle said...

I like the first one because it seems the most authentic. :) Good luck!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for your opinions, everyone! I went online and found a place that sells these dresses in Salem, Oregon. I drove down this afternoon and tried all three styles on. (The first two dresses are the same, just different colors.) Good thing I did because otherwise I would have ordered the dress a size too large. Anyway, I came home with one of them. I also bought a necklace and a bracelet to wear. Now I just have to figure out shoes.

Brandy said...

Glad you found a dress. Do we get to see it?
Could you maybe send me the link to the store on eBay, I'm curious.

Melissa said...

I'm wearing the dress right now. I love it. Hubby likes it. I'm a very happy first class passenger!

And yes you will see it. Just don't know when.

I bought got this gorgeous vintage looking rhinestone bracelet and a crystal/rhinestone bow necklace. The bow on the necklace reminds me of a bow shaped pin I bought at the Titanic Exhibit when it was in Seattle a few years ago. The crystal dangling from the bow matches the earrings I bought to wear at the auction!

Will send you links tomorrow, Brandy. Still need to write more pages today. The drive took a huge chunk out of my day.