Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Me doing revisions...

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Yep, that was me yesterday doing revisions. Though when I explode I'm not so soft and furry and cute looking.

The Revision Tally so far:

New words typed in: almost 5000
New pages added: 17
New scenes written: 4
Naps taken yesterday: 2
Number of "he/she smiled" deleted: lost count though I did leave a couple in.
Silliest line found yesterday: She thought once he'd shaved her beard... Cover art for a bearded heroine. Now that would be something!
Revised chapters left to type in: 3
Chocolate eaten: 2 kisses and 3 chocolate chip cookies (hubby did some baking last night!)
Hands: No pain and only a few tingles while I slept!

Oh, yeah, the book has a new title. The working title had been The Billionaire's Playground. The new title is The Billionaire's Proposal. That works for me!

I have my class to teach, but other than that I'll be working on revisions. What are you doing or working on today?


Sarita Leone said...

It sounds like all is going well with the revisions. I'm so happy for you! And it's so great that your hands are holding up. Bet it was the cookies that gave them an extra boost. I know cookies give me a little extra something! ;-)

Hope you have a great day.

Dru said...

I'm glad your hands are not bothering you as much.


Today I have to launch a couple of surveys and take more holiday pictures.

Have a great Wednesday.

Rottie_mom said...

wow you have been busy! Great that your hands arent bothering you!

limecello said...

Awe - that pic!
Glad your hands haven't been bothering you, and I love that funny sentence ;) - yes indeed, imagine that cover model. :P

Virginia said...

I am glad your hands are doing better. I have to go do the shopping today and try to get some Christmas gifts while I am at it.

Melissa said...

Thanks all! I need to get back to the massage therapist though to make sure my hands keep improving. My appt. was cancelled last week and I never got around to making another. You'd think that was something I'd do right away, but it's all about the book right now !

Good luck with the shopping, Virginia!

I can't wait to see your pics, Dru!

Brandy said...

I can just picture a bearded heroine on the cover of a book with a handsome man holding her in his arms. And then I crack up laughing! *G* Glad to hear the revisions are coming along. And I have it on the best authority that any chocolate eaten during stress doesn't count. *G*
Also glad to hear your hands are doing well!

Have a terrific day!

Jane said...

Looks like your revisions are going well.

catslady said...

Christmas shopping is at the head of my list right now. In two days I got quite a bit accomplished - all except a favorite uncle who has everything he wants (sigh). Glad you aren't going to have a bearded heroine lol.