Monday, July 05, 2010


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I love this LOLcat! It perfectly describes not just my four cats, but my dog, too.

When I was up in Tacoma at my class, the kidlets and hubby attended a gathering of Norwegian Elkhounds and their families. Chaos would not go into a kennel. (At home, she goes in for breakfast and dinner, but that's it.) A breeder, who has known Chaos since she was born, looked at Tom and told him he'd spoiled the dog!

Guilty as charged.

I remember rubbing my kittens, Rocket and Spirit, to sleep every day and night. Granted I didn't have kids then. But I still carried Yoda around in my jacket or sweater when he was little and wanted to nap. There are nights when all five sleep with us. We're considering a king-size bed because of it. On Saturday night, the fireworks were scaring Chaos so much she climbed on my lap. I stopped writing, put away my iBook and held her for an hour until they stopped.

Our pets bring so much joy to us. A few rolled eyes and moments of annoyance, too! I can't imagine not spoiling or indulging our fur-covered family members. What about you?


Tori Lennox said...

A big fat razzberry to the breeder who made the "spoiled" remark.

Brandy said...

You have to ask if my cats are spoiled? HAHAHAHAHA! Every time I get ice for a drink Pepper comes running and I have to hurl a piece of ice on the floor until it shatters so she can play with the small pieces. Midnight likes to be hugged like a baby. Layla, pure spoiled cat. When I grab the scoop for the cat food the cats come running! So, yeah, they're spoiled.

And that breeder? Tori has the right idea. There's a difference between a family pet and a dog used for breeding. Obviously that person can't see that.

I hope you're having a wonderful day with all your fur-babies around you!