Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fashion Fun with Scarves

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My friend Tiffany posted this YouTube video on her Facebook Wall. It caught my eye when I saw it on my newsfeed. Fashion is something I research for books, not for myself. But this was cool. I have a couple scarves and will definitely try wearing them differently after watching this. The video is a quick (approx. 4 minutes) showing 25 different ways to wear a scarf.

If you're like me and need more instruction than what's above, you can check out the companion videos that go with each of the 25 ways of wearing a scarf. She tells you the best kind of scarf to use and then tells you how to tie them.

Here's Companion Video #1:

Here's Companion Video #2:

Here's Companion Video #3:

Here's Companion Video #4:

Have fun scarf tying! And possibly buying!


Brandy said...

I'm not very fashionable at all. And don't own any scarves, but I always wish I could wear things like this without looking wrong somehow...

Hope you're having a pleasing day!

Jackie S. said...

I love scarves on others, but just don't like them on me!

Sarita said...

I love scarves. This is a great resource. Thank you!